2019 Toyota 4Runner Maintenance Schedule

2019 Toyota 4Runner Maintenance Schedule

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The 2019 Toyota 4Runner is a traditional midsize body-on-frame SUV that delivers exceptional performance that’s ideal for crawling over mud and rocks during off-road adventures. There’s plenty of space to stow cargo, too. If you’re a 4Runner owner, you’ll want to keep it running in top shape by following Toyota’s recommended maintenance schedule. We’ll go over some of the important maintenance milestones for your vehicle, but if you have any questions, feel free to call the Toyota area Caldwell Service Center or your local dealer.

When you schedule a service visit for routine maintenance at a dealership like the Toyota dealer near Caldwell, you’ll help to keep your 4Runner running smoothly and safely for as long as you own it. You could save money, too, because keeping your vehicle properly maintained can prevent problems from arising down the road. Make sure to bring your Toyota 4Runner to a certified service center like Edmark Toyota, where you’ll have the confidence that comes with knowing the work is performed using genuine Toyota parts.

Toyota recommends servicing your 4Runner every 5,000 miles. These are the services that will be performed during the first few service visits:

5,000 Miles
At 5,000 miles, the service technicians will inspect and adjust your 4Runner’s fluid levels. They’ll rotate the vehicle’s tires to make sure they experience even wear. The wiper blades will be checked, and the driver’s floor mat will be inspected to make sure it’s installed properly. The technicians will check and adjust the fluid levels and the different brake components. They’ll also look for any recalls that may affect the 4Runner. If recalls are found, they’ll perform the required work.

10,000 Miles
The 10,000-mile service visit includes all the services performed at 5,000 miles, with the addition of an oil and oil filter change, and inspection of the cabin air filter.

15,000 Miles
Like the 10,00-mile service visit, the 15,000-mile visit includes the basic services performed at 5,000 miles. Additional services at this level include lubrication of the propeller shaft, re-torquing the propeller shaft bolt (for models with four-wheel drive), and inspection of engine coolant, dust covers, cabin air filter brake lines and hoses, exhaust pipes and mountings, ball joints, drive shaft boots (4WD), radiator and condenser, steering gear, steering linkage and boots, rear differential oil and front differential oil (4WD).

Your 4Runner’s scheduled maintenance continues at 5,000-mile intervals for as long as you own it. It’s important to bring the vehicle in at the proper time, because while the different components of the 4Runner are designed to last for many miles, some parts, like hoses and belts, experience wear over time. Correcting small problems before they turn into big problems can save you money and prevent breakdowns.

With proper periodic maintenance, your Toyota 4Runner can provide you with many years of trouble-free driving. Feel free to contact us by phone or through our website if you’d like to schedule your next service appointment or if you have any questions about your Toyota 4Runner’s maintenance schedule.