2022 Toyota 4Runner Maintenance Schedule

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The 2022 Toyota 4Runner is a traditional truck-based body-on-frame SUV. This midsize model is popular at dealerships like the Caldwell Toyota dealer, thanks to its incredible off-road capability, impressive versatility, and excellent cargo space.

If you own a 2022 Toyota 4Runner, you’ll want to keep it operating in peak condition. The best way to ensure your 4Runner will continue to provide you with trouble-free performance is to bring it to the Edmark Toyota Service Center for scheduled maintenance service. Following Toyota’s recommended maintenance schedule will keep your 4Runner from needing expensive repairs down the road. You’ll find the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual. Call the Caldwell Toyota dealership If you have any questions about your vehicle’s maintenance.

Caldwell Toyota Dealership

5,000 Miles

We’ll look at some of your 2022 Toyota 4Runner’s important maintenance milestones.

5,000 Miles

Toyota recommends bringing your 4Runner for maintenance service at 5,000-mile intervals. At 5,000 miles, the service technicians will change the oil and replace the oil filter. This important service will keep the engine functioning correctly and ensure it doesn’t wear prematurely. They’ll also rotate your 4Runner’s tires, check the tread, and set the tires to the correct pressure. Other services that will be performed during this service visit include an inspection of the wipers, lights, brakes and fluid levels. Our service technicians will also perform a multi-point inspection and reset the maintenance reminder light. During this and all service visits, the technicians will check for recalls and make any related repairs.

The technicians will perform additional services if you use your 4Runner for frequent off-roading or towing.

10,000 Miles

All maintenance visits start with the services of the 5,000-mile visit. In addition, the service technicians will inspect the cabin air filter. This part keeps dust, pollen, and other pollutants from getting into the vehicle’s cabin, so it’s essential to make sure it doesn’t become clogged. A blocked cabin air filter will also reduce the climate control system’s airflow.

15,000 Miles

When your 4Runner’s odometer reaches 15,000 miles, the service technicians will re-torque the propeller shaft bolt (for models with four-wheel drive) and lubricate the propeller shaft. They’ll also check the engine coolant, cabin air filter, brake lines and hoses, dust covers, exhaust pipes and mountings, drive shaft boots (4WD), ball joints, radiator and condenser, steering linkage and boots, steering gear front differential oil (4WD), and rear differential oil.

Your 4Runner’s scheduled maintenance visits continue at 5,000-mile intervals. It’s important to bring your SUV in at the proper time. While the different components of the 4Runner are designed to last for many miles, some parts, like hoses and belts, wear out over time. Fixing minor issues before they turn into major problems can save you money and prevent your 4Runner from breaking down.

Call the experts at the Edmark Toyota Service Center or visit our website’s Schedule Service page to book your next maintenance appointment. We’re close by when you need us. We look forward to providing you with the best service in the Caldwell area!