2022 Toyota Tacoma Maintenance Schedule

The 2022 Toyota Tacoma is a midsize, light-duty pickup popular at the Caldwell Toyota dealer and dealerships throughout the United States. The Tacoma is powerful enough for most towing and hauling jobs. It’s versatile, too. Buyers can get the Tacoma configured for use as a work truck, an off-roader, or a daily driver. Tacoma owners appreciate this model’s long list of standard features and user-friendly infotainment setup.

Your 2022 Toyota Tacoma was a big investment. You’ll want to keep it operating properly by taking it for scheduled maintenance at the Caldwell Toyota dealership. Proper maintenance service will ensure your Tacoma will provide you with safe and reliable driving for years to come. You’ll find the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual. If you’re not sure when to take your Tacoma to the dealer for scheduled maintenance, call our service department. We’ll let you know when your next visit is due, and we’ll schedule an appointment for you.

Here are some highlights of your 2022 Toyota Tacoma’s upcoming scheduled maintenance visits.

Caldwell Toyota Dealership

5,000 Miles

Toyota recommends bringing your 2022 Tacoma for maintenance every 5,000 miles. During your first visit, the service technicians will rotate the vehicle’s tires. Tire rotation will ensure the tires will wear evenly. They’ll also check and adjust the fluid levels and inspect the wiper blades and the driver’s floor mat. The service technicians will check if the vehicle has had any recalls and make the necessary recall repairs. These services will be repeated during all subsequent service visits.

10,000 Miles

At 10,000 miles, the service technicians will change the Tacoma’s oil and oil filter. Oil changes are an essential service. Motor oil is formulated to protect the engine from wear, but it breaks down over time and collects dirt and grime. Changing the oil flushes out the old oil and replaces it with fresh oil. The service technicians will also inspect the cabin air filter during this visit. If this part becomes clogged, it will allow dust and pollen into the cabin. A clogged cabin air filter can also prevent the climate control system from working optimally. The brake lining and drums will also be inspected during this visit.

30,000 Miles

When your Tacoma has reached the 30,000-mile mark, the service technicians will re-torque the propeller shaft bolt (on four-wheel-drive models), inspect the wiper blades, and replace the engine air filter. They’ll also examine the brake lines and hoses, automatic transmission fluid cooler hoses and connections, engine coolant, fuel tank cap gasket, exhaust pipes and mountings, steering gear, and rear differential oil.

Following your 2022 Toyota Tacoma’s maintenance schedule helps keep minor problems from becoming major problems down the road. This will help prevent accidents and breakdowns, and it can even save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Call us if you’d like to schedule a maintenance appointment or if you have any questions about your Tacoma’s scheduled maintenance. We’re always glad to be of service.