Boise Wheel Alignment

Running over a curb or a large pothole is annoying, but it can also leave your car with misaligned wheels. When this happens, you’ll notice the vehicle pulling to one side. If the wheels aren’t properly aligned, it will cause the tire treads to wear unevenly, adversely affecting the life of the tires. If you believe your Toyota’s wheels need to be aligned, take it to Edmark Toyota for expert wheel alignment near Boise. You’ll be glad you did. The tires will last longer, and you’ll have more control on the road.

Misaligned wheels are the result of steering and suspension systems that aren’t operating at the correct angles. When the Boise wheel alignment specialists at the Edmark Toyota Service Center align your car’s wheels, they’ll reset the angles to the manufacturer’s specifications. After the wheels are properly aligned, your vehicle will drive straight, without pulling to the left or right.

Check your Toyota’s owner’s manual for detailed recommendations on your car’s wheel alignment. The general rule is to have the wheels aligned whenever you replace the steering or suspension mechanisms, or after a serious driving event.

When you bring your car, truck, SUV or van to the Edmark Toyota Service Center for wheel alignment service, our professional, certified technicians will use state-of-the-art equipment to measure your vehicle’s steering and suspension components and adjust the angles to match the manufacturer’s specifications. Your car will drive smoothly, the tires will wear evenly, and you’ll get improved fuel economy. Our service technicians will also inspect and adjust the steering, the suspension system, the tires and the tire air pressure.

Wheel Alignment Service Near Boise

If you suspect your vehicle may need a wheel alignment, don’t put it off. A car that doesn’t drive straight can be dangerous to drive. Additionally, wheels that are out of alignment can cause a number of tire problems, including cup wear, one-side wear and feathering. Cup wear occurs when cupped dips form around the inside or outside edges of the tire tread, causing vibration and noise in the cabin. One-side wear is a condition where the inner or outer ribs of the tire wear out more quickly than the rest of the tire. Feathering is when the inner or outer edge of the tire wears out. When this occurs, the tread ribs develop a sharp edge on one side and a rounded edge on the other side.

When you need the Boise area’s best wheel alignment service, trust the skilled technicians at the Edmark Toyota Service Center to help. We’ll align your car’s wheels quickly to get you back behind the wheel.

Edmark Toyota is located at 15933 N. Idaho Center Blvd. in Nampa, 20 minutes from downtown Boise, right off I-84. Schedule your service visit by calling our service department at 208-468-8000 or make an appointment using our website’s Schedule Service page. Our service department is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday, to help you with all your maintenance and repair needs.

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