Kuna New Tires

Kuna New Tires

Many drivers tend to ignore the state of their car’s tires. However, very few components on the vehicle are as important as the tires. New tires can make your vehicle safer, improve performance, and even increase fuel efficiency. If you live near Kuna, new tires are easy to get when you visit Edmark Toyota in Nampa.

Why are tires so important?

Safety should always be of primary importance when driving a vehicle. Driving with worn tires is very dangerous. If the tires aren’t in good condition, it increases your chances of being involved in a crash. Traction is especially crucial during wet weather. The tread depth must be sufficient for the tires to maintain proper grip and channel water away from the tire’s surface. Even a brief rain shower can cause your tires to lose contact with the road, making your vehicle more prone to hydroplaning. You’ll appreciate the extra peace of mind you’ll get after buying new tires near Kuna.

The condition of the tires has a direct impact on your vehicle’s performance. Worn tires can dramatically impair your car’s handling. Whether changing lanes on the freeway or taking a sharp curve, you won’t have nearly as much control. Your vehicle will be at risk of experiencing a blowout.

Braking is another crucial factor. When encountering unexpected road hazards, new tires will help your vehicle stop more quickly. You can also look forward to experiencing a smoother ride.

Tires that wear unevenly cause the engine to work harder, leading to a drop in fuel economy. Installing a new set of tires is an easy way to help boost your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Research shows that driving on worn tires can cause a 1-2 mpg drop in fuel economy.

How can I tell when my car needs new tires?

The penny test is an excellent way to determine if your car needs new tires. Place the penny between the tread blocks with Lincoln’s head upside-down. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, it’s time to go shopping for new tires.

You should also visually inspect your tires for signs of wear. Slick spots, bulges, and cracks on the sidewall all indicate the need for a replacement set. Pay attention to your vehicle’s ride quality. Worn, unbalanced tires often cause the car to shake or vibrate.

How frequently should I change my car’s tires?

Tire life can vary greatly. Performance tires are typically manufactured from softer compounds. While soft rubber may enhance road grip, it will cause the tires to wear down faster. Harder tires are generally more durable. On average, most tires will last somewhere between 25,000 and 70,000 miles.

Even if you don’t drive much, it’s a good idea to replace your tires at least every six years because the rubber deteriorates over time.

Which tires are best for my car?

If you like the way your vehicle drives and handles, you should consider replacing the tires with the same ones that came with the car. If you’d like to try another type of tire, it’s best to talk to a professional, such as the tire experts at Edmark Toyota. They’ll recommend the best options for your model.