Meridian Wheel Alignment

If you notice your vehicle pulls to the left or right, the wheels are probably out of alignment. You may hear a wheel alignment referred to as a “tire alignment,” but they’re the same thing. If you live in Meridian, wheel alignment service is quick when you visit the experts at the Edmark Toyota Service Center in Nampa.

What is wheel alignment?
When you bring your vehicle to Edmark Toyota for wheel alignment service near Meridian, the service technicians don’t actually work on the wheels. The technician will adjust the angles of your car’s suspension to match the proper angles specified by Toyota. They’ll use the latest tools to measure your vehicle’s suspension and steering components and reset them to factory specifications. The service technician will also make sure the steering wheel is centered. After the wheel alignment, your car’s tires will wear evenly, and you’ll notice a boost in fuel-efficiency.

If you don’t drive a four- or all-wheel drive vehicle, your car will likely only need a front-end alignment or a thrust-angle adjustment. During a front-end alignment, only the front-axle components are adjusted. A thrust-angle alignment realigns the rear wheels and axles to be parallel with the front axle and perpendicular to the car’s center line.

When you bring your car to the Edmark Toyota Service Center for wheel alignment, we’ll check the tires’ toe, caster and camber, the three criteria used for measuring the correct wheel orientation. We’ll examine and fine-tune the suspension and steering systems. We’ll also inspect the tires and check the tire air pressure.

Why does my car need a wheel alignment?
Your Toyota’s suspension is set to a specific set of angles. Several factors can cause the suspension to go out of alignment, including driving over a curb, a pothole or an uneven road surface. Your Toyota should be checked for signs it may need a wheel alignment about every 6,000 miles or when the tires are rotated.

What are the signs that my vehicle needs a wheel alignment?
If your car’s wheels are out of alignment, you’ll notice one of the following problems:

    • The car pulls to the left or right when you’re driving straight
    • The steering wheel isn’t centered when you’re driving straight
    • Squealing tires
    • Vibrations while driving
    • Loose handling
    • Uneven tire wear

Wheel Alignment Near Meridian

If you experience any of these symptoms, call the Edmark Toyota Service Center and make an appointment for wheel alignment service. A car that doesn’t drive straight is unsafe. The resulting uneven tire wear can damage the tires, increasing your odds of experiencing a blowout.

How long does a wheel alignment take?
Wheel alignments are quick. In most cases, a wheel alignment takes about an hour, so you can wait in our lounge while we work on your vehicle.

Trust the professionals at the Edmark Toyota Service Department for expert wheel alignment service. We’re located at 15933 N. Idaho Center Blvd. in Nampa, about 15 minutes from Meridian. Visit our website for our service hours and directions to our dealership. We hope to see you soon!