Boise Transmission Repair

While transmissions are costly to replace, if your vehicle experiences transmission problems, you won’t necessarily have to replace the transmission. If you live in Boise, transmission repair at the Edmark Toyota Service Center in Nampa may be able to save you the cost of buying a replacement, so there’s no need to panic. Our experienced mechanics can quickly pinpoint the problem and let you know if the transmission can be repaired.

Because a transmission features so many sophisticated parts, you need an experienced service technician who truly understands its inner workings. Fortunately, there’s professional transmission repair near Boise. At Edmark Toyota, we have one of the area’s best automotive service centers.

Here’s a short overview of the different transmission types:

Manual Transmission

A manual transmission requires drivers to physically shift gears. It’s designed with a clutch pedal, which must be depressed before you can move to the next gear. While a manual transmission requires more work, some drivers find it to be the most fun because they have more control over the car’s performance.

Automatic Transmission

Most vehicles on the road today are equipped with an automatic transmission. A torque converter controls shifting. It automatically chooses gears depending on whether the car is accelerating or decelerating. Some of today’s newer automatic transmissions also feature a manual mode, which allows the driver to choose specific gears on demand.

Continuous Variable Transmission

Instead of mechanical gears, a continuously variable transmission (CVT) uses a system of belts and pulleys to adjust the gear ratios. You won’t feel any shifts when driving a vehicle equipped with a CVT.

If your car comes equipped with a manual transmission and the clutch is worn, you may encounter problems getting into gear. Although a clutch can last for more than 100,000 miles, regularly driving in stop-and-go traffic and failing to change the transmission fluid can lower the transmission’s lifespan. A clutch that sticks is another common issue. This can be a sign of an external seal leak in the clutch cylinder.

Automatic transmissions are prone to slippage. Some of the signs of this condition include trouble shifting gears and a delay in acceleration. While there are a few reasons that can cause the gears to slip, a low transmission fluid level is often the culprit. There’s likely to be a leak in the system.

When driving a car with a CVT, take note of any abnormal sounds or hesitation while accelerating. The belt system may need to be readjusted. Like all transmissions, a CVT can leak fluid. If the fluid drips down onto the hot exhaust, you may notice a burning smell.

While a faulty transmission can be concerning, many issues can be easily repaired by a professional. If your car’s transmission is giving you trouble, don’t wait. Contact the Edmark Toyota Service Center. Our certified service technicians will make sure your vehicle gets back on the road quickly. Contact us to schedule a service appointment or use the Schedule Service page on our website.