Brake Repair Service Near Meridian

When you consider your vehicle’s safety features, you might think about seatbelts, airbags, electronic stability control, adaptive cruise control and many other items. But the most important safety feature in your car is the brakes. At the Edmark Toyota Service Center, the brake repair service near Meridian, we understand the importance of your vehicle’s braking system. That’s why we pay attention to detail when you bring your car to our dealership for brake service.

Brakes that are functioning properly keep you safe by slowing or stopping your vehicle to avoid an accident. Keep your family safe and bring your car to the Edmark Toyota Service Department for the best Meridian brake repair service.

If you feel your car’s brakes starting to slip, it’s a sign that it’s time to bring it in for a brake inspection. Don’t put this off, because faulty brakes can cause an accident that can injure your car’s passengers, pedestrians, or the occupants of another vehicle.

Pay attention to the sound of your car’s brakes. When you step on the brake pedal, you shouldn’t hear any sounds. Do you hear a squeak when you apply the brakes? If so, it could mean there’s friction from the brake lining, which can result in damaged drums, rotors or brake pads. It’s essential to fix this before it becomes a big problem. If you hear a grinding noise, it could mean the brake pads are worn. If you don’t repair the pads, it could damage the drums and rotors.

Does your vehicle pull to the left or the right when you apply the brakes? If you notice the car pulling, it could be the result of a damaged brake line or worn or uneven brake linings. If the brakes feel like they’re dragging, the brakes may be misaligned, or the brake fluid may be contaminated.

Your car should come to a stop easily when you apply the brakes. If it’s necessary to pump the brakes to stop your vehicle, the brake lines may have an air leak or there may be air in the brake system. This can cause the pedal to sink to the floor while your car is idling.

Other symptoms you may encounter while driving are a brake pedal that feels “spongy,” vibrations or banging when you apply the brakes, or the brake warning light coming on.

If you notice anything that makes you think there might be something wrong with your car’s brakes, don’t delay. Bring it in for service right away. When you visit the Edmark Toyota Service Center, our certified service technicians will inspect your car’s brakes thoroughly and they’ll check the brake fluid. We can identify the cause of any brake problems and repair them quickly, so that you can get back behind the wheel of your car safely.

Call the Edmark Toyota Service Center for brake service or to schedule routine maintenance. We’re located in Nampa, just 15 minutes away. We can help with all your automotive service needs.