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Many people don’t stop and consider their vehicle’s tires, but they’re probably the most important safety component. Tires have a big job to perform. Each tire must support about a quarter of the vehicle’s weight. If a tire develops a problem, it can cause a serious problem, such as a blowout. If you live in Eagle, new tires are easy to buy at the Edmark Toyota Service Department.

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Make it a point to inspect your car’s tires regularly. Look for tire wear and any signs of damage. Check the tread depth and tire pressure. If you notice something wrong, the service technicians at the Edmark Toyota Service Center may be able to repair the tire. If you need new tires near Eagle, we’ll help you select the best ones for your car.

Tires rely on the treads to work properly. When the road is wet, the tire’s grooves direct the water away from the surface of the tire to supply traction. If the grooves are worn, the tires can’t clear the water away from the tire’s surface. This results in hydroplaning. A vehicle that’s hydroplaning is driving on a sheet of water instead of the road surface. This dangerous situation can easily lead to an accident.

There’s an easy way to check your vehicle’s tire tread. Find a quarter and hold it with Washington’s head facing down. Push the quarter into the tire’s groove. If part of Washington’s head is hidden, the tire tread is still good. If you can see all of Washington’s head, it means you’ll need new tires.

With so many brands and types of tires available, it may be confusing to know which ones are best for your vehicle. If you’re happy with your car’s ride and handling, you may want to consider sticking with the same type of tires that came with your vehicle. You’ll get the best fit. If you’d like to switch to a different kind of tire, visit the Edmark Toyota Service Center. We’ll be glad to show you the different types of tires that will work with your car.

There are different tire brands, and some are better than others. If you stick with a high-quality brand, you won’t go wrong. Visit our website’s Toyota Tire Center page and discover the best tires for your vehicle. Enter the car’s year, make, model and trim. You’ll find several choices that are right for your vehicle. When you’ve selected a set, make an appointment, and place your order online. One of our experienced technicians will install your tires. Or visit Edmark Toyota and speak to one of our service team members. They’ll be happy to show you the different types of tires available.

The Edmark Toyota Service Center is located at 15933 N. Idaho Center Blvd. in Nampa, just minutes away from Eagle. Call us at 208-468-8000 to schedule your appointment. We’ll help you find the best tires for your vehicle and change them quickly to get your car back on the road safely. We look forward to providing you with excellent service!