Eagle Tire Rotation

Tire Rotation in Eagle

Automakers and tire manufacturers recommend periodic tire rotation for your vehicle. Rotating the tires regularly keeps them from wearing unevenly. Some drivers ask us if it’s necessary to bring their car to a service center for tire rotation service near Eagle. The answer Is unequivocally yes.

Tire rotation is an important service, although many people neglect to rotate their vehicles’ tires. You can spot them by the black brake dust covering the front wheels of their cars. According to the folks who perform Eagle tire rotation, the front wheels produce more brake pad dust because the front brakes are larger than the rear brakes on most cars, and these brakes do most of the braking.

Whether you drive a front-, rear- or all-wheel-drive vehicle, the tires should be changed periodically because the workload of the front and rear tires is unevenly distributed, causing the tires to wear unevenly. Most cars either have front-wheel drive or an all-wheel-drive system that uses front-wheel drive most of the time. In both cases, the front tires bear a heavier load than the rear tires.

The front tires must carry the weight of the engine and transmission, which are typically mounted over the vehicle’s front axle. When the brakes are applied, it causes more weight to shift to the front of the car. Steering and accelerating add even more wear to the front tires. The cornering forces of a turning vehicle shift weight to the outside of the turn. So, you can see how much more wear the front wheels are subjected to on a front-wheel-drive vehicle.

The load is spread more evenly on rear- and four-wheel drive vehicles. The rear tires must support a greater burden because they’re driving the car, but the front tires must carry the engine’s weight and experience wear from steering.

Drivers frequently want to know how often to rotate their cars’ tires. The answer to this question can be found in the car’s owner’s manual. At the Edmark Toyota Service Center, the service technicians will rotate the tires during each scheduled maintenance visit.

Different types of vehicles have specific rotation patterns. Most front-wheel-drive cars use a pattern that moves the front tires to the rear, shifts the rear tires to the front, and then transfers them to the opposite sides. Other patterns are recommended for rear- and four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Cars with directional tires or different-sized tires in the front and back have unique rotation patterns. Directional tires get transferred from the front to the back and from the back to the front, but they stay on the same side of the car. Vehicles with front and rear tires that are different sizes switch sides, but the front tires remain in the front, and the rear tires stay in the rear.

If your car needs a tire rotation, call the Edmark Toyota Service Center to schedule tire service. We’re conveniently located at 15933 N Idaho Center Blvd. in Nampa, just minutes from Eagle. We’ll rotate your car’s tires quickly and correctly to get your vehicle back on the road safely.