Nampa Oil Change Service

If your vehicle needs an oil change, take it to Edmark Toyota for the right oil change at an economical price. If you live in Nampa, an oil change is nearby. The Edmark Toyota Service Center is located at 15933 N. Idaho Center Blvd. in Nampa. Our expert service technicians will recommend the correct oil for your vehicle and change the oil to keep the engine running in top condition.

What happens during an oil change?
Changing your vehicle’s oil is crucial to keep the engine running properly. When our service technician changes your car’s oil, they’ll replace the old oil with fresh oil. During this Nampa oil change service, the techs will also replace the oil filter, inspect the vehicle’s fluid levels, and check the engine.

Why is changing the oil so important?
Engines contain many moving parts that must be lubricated with motor oil. If the oil gets old, it begins to break down and collect dirt, dust and other particles. Once this occurs, the oil isn’t able to lubricate the engine as it should, which can cause damage to the engine. Replacing the oil and oil regularly protects the engine from rust and excess wear.

How often should I change the engine’s oil?
It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for your vehicle. The owner manual contains your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. If you’re not sure when to bring your car in for an oil change, contact the Edmark Toyota Service Center. We’ll answer all your questions.

Which type of oil is best to use?
The simple answer is that it depends on your car. There are four varieties of motor oil: synthetic, synthetic blend, high mileage and conventional. We’ll explain uses for each one.

  • Synthetic Motor Oil: Synthetic oil is made from chemically modified crude oil and can also contain synthesized components. It provides more protection than conventional oil. Synthetic oil has a higher viscosity, so it protects engine components from oxidation, thermal breakdown and sludge. Most vehicles can use synthetic oil, but drivers should weigh the higher cost against the benefits. Synthetic oil is ideal for vehicles that are used in locales that experience frigid winters or hot summers. It’s also a good choice for SUVs and trucks that are used to tow or transport heavy loads.
  • Synthetic Blend Motor Oil: Synthetic blend oil is a mixture of synthetic and conventional oil. It provides some of the benefits of synthetic oil at a lower cost.
  • High-Mileage Motor Oil: High-mileage oil was developed for late-model cars, trucks and SUVs that have been driven more than 75,000 miles. This oil features special additives designed to reduce burn-off and prevent oil leaks.
  • Conventional Motor Oil: Conventional oil is made from refined crude oil, but it’s less refined than synthetic oil. Conventional motor oil comes in different quality levels and viscosity grades, and it can be used in vehicles that see normal use.

If your car, truck, SUV or van needs an oil change in Nampa, call the experts at Edmark Toyota and make an appointment. You can also schedule your visit using the Schedule Service form on our website. We hope to see you soon!