Tire Rotation Service Near Meridian

Automakers design and manufacture today’s vehicles to provide years of driving enjoyment. There’s not much that owners need to do to ensure their cars are running properly, other than bringing it to a service center like the tire rotation service Near Meridian for routine maintenance.

During your scheduled service visit, the technicians will change your car’s oil. Tires should be rotated every 5,000-6,000 miles, so each service visit will also include tire rotation. This important service ensures that your vehicle’s tires will wear evenly, allowing you to drive safely, and extending the life of the tires.

Drivers don’t have far to go for expert Meridian tire rotation service. The Edmark Toyota Service Center is conveniently located in nearby Nampa.

What happens during a tire rotation?
When you bring your car in for tire rotation service, the technicians will change the tires’ position according to the rotation pattern appropriate for the car. During your service visit, the service staff will also inspect the tires’ air pressure and check the tread to make sure the tires are safe.

What are the different types of tire rotation patterns?
There are three rotation patterns for standard tires, as well as two for performance tires. The rotation patterns for standard tires are called forward cross, x-pattern and rearward cross.

  • Forward cross: This is the most common rotation pattern for front-wheel-drive vehicles. The front tires move to the rear, while the rear tires move to the front and switch to the opposite sides.
  • X-pattern: This pattern is also used with front-wheel-drive vehicles. The front tires move the rear and switch sides, and the rear tires move to the front and switch sides.
  • Rearward cross: This pattern is for vehicles with rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. The rear tires move to the front. The front tires move to the rear and switch sides.

Directional tires and staggered high-performance tires have two additional tire patterns: front-to-back and side-to-side.

  • Front-to-back: Directional tires are designed to be rotated in the same direction as their tread pattern. If your car’s directional tires are the same size, the front tires move to the back on the same side, and the rear tires move to the front on the same side.
  • Side-to-side: If your vehicle’s non-directional tires are different sizes, they should be rotated using the side-to-side pattern. The tires move to the opposite sides, but the front tires stay in the front and the rear tires stay in the rear.

What will happen if I don’t rotate the tires?
Neglecting to rotate your car’s tires will cause them to wear out faster. You’ll spend more money because you’ll end up needing to buy new tires sooner. Most importantly, driving on worn tires can be dangerous.

If you have any questions about rotating your car’s tires or you need to make a service appointment, feel free to call the experts at the Edmark Toyota Service Center in Nampa. We’re just minutes away, ready to help with all your maintenance and repair needs.