Auto Repair Service in Nampa

Other than buying a home, your car, truck or SUV is the biggest purchase most people will make in their lifetime. So it only makes sense to keep your vehicle running in top shape by maintaining it properly, according to Toyota’s recommended schedule. You can locate the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual, but if you’re not sure when to bring your vehicle to the Edmark Toyota Service Center in Nampa for auto repair or routine maintenance, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

If you live in the area and your Toyota needs expert auto repair in Nampa, visit the Edmark Toyota Service Center. Our team of expert Toyota-certified service technicians will diagnose or repair your car, SUV, or truck quickly and professionally.

Toyota Express Maintenance

We understand how important your vehicle is to you. That’s why we provide Toyota Express Maintenance Service designed to get your car back quickly when you need scheduled maintenance or minor repairs. Here are some of the quick services you can take advantage of when you come in for Express Maintenance.

Filter and Oil Change

Motor oil lubricates your Toyota engine’s moving parts and helps to cool the engine. Our certified service technicians will drain and replace the engine’s oil, change the oil filter and reset the indicator light.

Brake Inspection

The brakes are one of your vehicle’s most important safety systems. When we perform a Multi-Point Inspection on your Toyota, it will include a thorough brake inspection. We’ll check to see that your brake pads are performing at a safe level.

Tire Rotation

Tires are another essential component of your Toyota. The tires keep your car driving safely, and they can impact fuel economy. We’ll check to make sure the tires are properly inflated, <a href=”/nampa-tire-rotation-serivce”>rotate the tires</a>, and reset the tire pressure monitoring system.

Multi-Point Inspection

Our multi-point inspection is designed to ensure your Toyota continues to run smoothly and safely. We’ll inspect your vehicle’s fluid levels and perform a complete visual inspection.

Your Nampa Toyota Service Department

At Edmark Toyota, we make it easy to get service for your Toyota. We’re experts on every Toyota model, including the Corolla, Camry, RAV4, Tacoma, Tundra and more. We use genuine Toyota parts that were produced specifically for your Toyota vehicle. Whether your Toyota needs repairs, or your engine light has come on, we can handle the job and get your vehicle back quickly.

Quick Service in Nampa

In addition to the Express Maintenance Services mentioned above, we also provide the following repair and maintenance services:

  • Air Conditioning System: repair leaks, recharge and repair AC
  • Alignments: wheel alignment service, adjusted according to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Alternators & Electrical Service: alternator repair and check cable connections
  • Batteries: battery and cable inspection, battery replacement
  • Belts & Hoses: belt and hose inspection and replacement
  • Brake Services: brake repair, brake fluid service, rotor replacement, drum replacement and pad replacement
  • Cooling System Maintenance: radiator and coolant system service
  • Lamps & Bulbs: all lamp and bulb replacement
  • Suspension & Steering: replace power steering fluid, wheel bearings, shocks, struts and bushings
  • Tires: tire repair and replacement
  • Transmissions: transmission fluid flush, transmission filter exchange, transmission replacement
  • Vehicle Check-Up Report: complete routine maintenance inspection with a report showing you how your vehicle is performing
  • Wiper Blades: replace worn wiper blades

Edmark Toyota Service Coupons

Toyota drivers in the Nampa area appreciate our money-saving service specials. Check the Service Specials page on our website and print out the current specials. You’ll always find a great deal. Check back, because we change our specials periodically.

Schedule Your Next Toyota Service Visit in Nampa

Whether you need scheduled maintenance or repair work, when your Toyota needs service, call us at 208-468-8000 to make your appointment, or use the Schedule Service page on our website to schedule your visit. The Edmark Toyota Service Department is open Monday through Saturday to help you. Our service team members are always glad to help you. We look forward to seeing you soon!